Lyrics to The Game
by Nightingale

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[edit]Song titleThe Game
[edit]Artist nameNightingale
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Nouga - Swano/Elkhart

The two of us, so young and so wild
We can't find the cure to what has led us astray
Far apart from what we once were
and we both made a choice there's
no turning back from here
There's no turning back from here

But we have no aim, just keeping up the pace
Who's the best of us, who's the stronger one
Will it ever end?
This escalating game

We're reborn to live on the edge
Who's the bravest of us?
Find more similar lyrics on will live to tell?
I'm so scared of what we've become
As we double the bets, the
proportions exceed ourselves
The proportions exceed our sanity

We have gone from meek to brave
And we're chasing a dream that never will come true
Letting go of all our fears
The unavoidable end is the enemy we defy

But we have no aim, just keeping up the pace
Who's the best of us, who's the stronger one
Will it ever end?
This escalating game
There can be only one
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Lyrics to The Game
by Nightingale

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