Lyrics to Behold the Highttime
by Nightmare

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[edit]Song titleBehold the Highttime
[edit]Artist nameNightmare
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm on the run
beholding the sunrise
Searching what the story told
I'm onthe run like a
sailor in the sky
I deny the day I will be old

Ride-up! The thread of the time
Ride-up! At the speed of light

No one believed in me
When I tried to cross de seasons,
For freedom
Playing the fool
Breaking the rules

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And i will behold the nighttime...

I understand beholding the sunrise
I've made a breach
throught the time
i..., I understand
that the future can be mine

No one believed in me
When I tried to cross de seasons,
For freedom
Playing the fool
Breaking the rules

And i will behold the nighttime...
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Lyrics to Behold the Highttime
by Nightmare

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