Lyrics to A Crisis is Comin
by Nikki Nikateen & King Crisis

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[edit]Song titleA Crisis is Comin
[edit]Artist nameNikki Nikateen
[edit]FeaturingKing Crisis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lets light another cigarette and loose control,
We started off on the wrong foot I'm bout to explode,
I'm so fucked up so now your lucks up,
I won't even remember why I cut the slut up,
I was runnin on E, but I'm regaining power,
The seconds go by even slower than an hour,
I need to take a shower your blood tastes sour,
Nikki nikateen won't back down from a coward,
come here little boy come into my house,
ill tie you to my bed and put a blade in your mouth,
Ill make a scene make it seem that your living a dream,
Ill leave you laying on the concrete bleeding in jeans,
I need a kpin so I can slay them,
If they ask who did it mikala gray did,
I'ma stoner to the bone ill blow up your home,
I cleaned up my trail the case is colder than stone,

A crisis is comin call 911,
the chances of stoppin us is zero to non,
Pistol packin for fun run he's gotta gun,
Click Click bloaw Now whos number one,

Find more similar lyrics on's Nikateen smokin green I'mma ganja machine,
Time to grab a shovel it ain't a trouble to me,
I'mma make you bleed now you know its time feed,
it's King crisis and Nikki of the WiKiD ENT,

Shit's pricless I love to take knives and slice shit,
Ill cut your arm off runaway and hide it,
I ll just keep laughin cause you won't find it,
it's in the burmuta triangle right off an island,
don't get mad cause I vybe so violent,
This ain't even my voice I'm not the man behind it,
I just took Satan's contract and signed it,
I got drunk last night and now I can't find it,
Ill tickle your feet and then spray you with deet,
drop a bomb out front and put a hole in the street,
Ill put sugar in your gas tank at a fast rate,
then take it back out and bake into a cake,
I got a science fiction depiction when I'm writing every sentence,
A vivid imagination of riting words not written,
So while your asleep I might silently creep and start to live this music,
for real and kill you with my heat
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Lyrics to A Crisis is Comin
by Nikki Nikateen & King Crisis

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