Lyrics to 130
by Nits

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[edit]Song title130
[edit]Artist nameNits
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can't sleep
Counting sheep
The hours slowly slip away
Half past one
Half past two
Someone please tell
me what to do
I'll fix myself a drink
So now I leave the bed
My thoughts they
rule my head
Hear that hum
There's a buzz
I think about the two of us
Who is wrong
Who is right
This question keeps
me up all night
You're living in a world
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Hey honey you need help
Just like the sun
Just like the sun
Just like the sun
you came my way
I couldn't run
Couldn't hide
Between dawn and dusk
you had your day
Did I tell you
There's no future
for the sun
One day your time has come
Half past one
Half past two
Half past one
Half past two
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Lyrics to 130
by Nits

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