Lyrics to A to b, c to d
by Nits

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[edit]Song titleA to b, c to d
[edit]Artist nameNits
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hello my name is Mr Reasonable
Always willing to lend an ear
I am amazed by all your senseless talking
And the silly notions I hear
You said nothing
Nothing can change your mind
Some fools believe there's
gonna be a change
Still I do not believe anymore
Find more similar lyrics on say a brand new world
is coming our way
Yes we've heard that story before
Facts and figures
There's no spirit at all
Our world is so real is so terribly real
That I never dreamt it could be
It may fulfill the dreams of engineers
But it will not do for me
A to B; C to D
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Lyrics to A to b, c to d
by Nits

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