Lyrics to Mindless
by No One

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[edit]Song titleMindless
[edit]Artist nameNo One
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Blinded - what's covering your eyes?
hiding - are half your words just lies?
chasing - what's running through your mind?
can you catch it in time?

Feeling the weight of
change pressed upon you
do you like the pain close behind you?
are you just afraid of me?
are you just afraid of me?
still the endless fight is not relieving
am I just too close are you breathing?
are you just afraid to be free?
are you just afraid to be free?

Timing - is it meant this way?
wasted - there goes another day
searching - for the answer why
nothing I find
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you want it, tell me!)

Where is your mind, where is your mind?
tell me
where is your mind?
'cuz I can't find it

You're searching for a sign you cannot find
peace is far away, why can't you stay away?
you're crying behind your eyes
you're crying behind your eyes for peace
you're hiding behind your lies
your mind is so confined
so free it!

where is your mind?
You're mindless
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Lyrics to Mindless
by No One

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