Lyrics to Next Stop Heaven
by Nobody's Angel

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[edit]Song titleNext Stop Heaven
[edit]Artist nameNobody's Angel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm wide awake
but you've got me dreamin
Make no mistake
I love how I'm fealing
I can't believe the
spell that I'm under
You get to me and boy it's no wonder

With your heart beating next to mine
in Perfect time boy you send me...

First you get a little close to me
All you do is look and
my knees get weak
Then you start kissing
so soft and sweet
Next stop heaven.
You know exactcly where to begin
Every time you touch me
you make me spin
Find more similar lyrics on baby, baby do that again
Next stop heaven.

You captured me
without even trying
But I'm so free
It feels like I'm flying
I can't explain just how you do it
If loves a game I don't
want to lose it.

With your heart beating next to mine
in Perfect time boy you send me...


Ooh baby you yake me higher
Come on baby only you make me...

(Repeat Chorus)
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Lyrics to Next Stop Heaven
by Nobody's Angel

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