Lyrics to Funeral Ceremony
by Noctuary

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[edit]Song titleFuneral Ceremony
[edit]Artist nameNoctuary
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here now I lay, in this casket, so cold...
Embraced by darkness I die alone...
Overcome by fear I attempt my escape...
Alone I die, leaving forever...

Silence, Darkness, I weep for my soul.
Bleeding, it rises away.

I am dead, in my casket, so cold...
Find more similar lyrics on above I close my eyes...
I fall unto eternity...
Endless pit of darkness encases me...

Silence, Darkness, I weep for my soul.
Bleeding, it rises away.

Falling through the endless darkness,
frozen winds of the end I breathe.
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Lyrics to Funeral Ceremony
by Noctuary

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