Lyrics to Idiot son of an Asshole

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[edit]Song titleIdiot son of an Asshole
[edit]Artist nameNOFX
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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He's not smart, a C student
And that's after buying his way into school
Beady eyes, and he's kinda dyslexic
Can he read? No one's really quite sure
He signs stuff and he executes people
Maybe that's why, he doesn't have any friends
Cocaine and a little drunk driving
Doesn't matter, when you're the Commander in Chief.

Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole
Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole

Put on some make-up, turn on the 8-Track,
I'm putting a week back on the shelf,
Suddenly I'm the President, of the United States,
But they I woke up, and realized I'm still me.
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He's too dumb, to eat pretzels, apparently
smart enough to fix an election.
Moved ??? into the White House,
but most people voted against him.
He likes naps, He's good at naptime,
A couple of naps and then a nap and
then he's ready for bed,
He may be from ????, He's always gonna be ????

Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole
Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole
Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole

He's our president!
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Lyrics to Idiot son of an Asshole

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