Lyrics to Dead bob
by Nomeansno

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[edit]Song titleDead bob
[edit]Artist nameNomeansno
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Quiet es a mouse
Gentle es a lamb
Happy es a clam
Dead es a...

Roses am red
Violets are blue
I hung myself
So fuck you


Button up your overcoat
When the skies are gray
Put a rope around your neck
And kick the chair away
My father was of the sky
My mother was of the earth
And I am a stupid cringing
Ignorant fucking little goof

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Everyone is so polite
So completely awfully nice
I'm going to get a
butcher knife
And cut you all a juicy slice
Mary had a little lamb
And the she had some veal
She stuck her finger
down her throat
And threw up...

I will leave a little note
Hanging from a knotted rope
Please excuse my
I am sorry for the mess

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Lyrics to Dead bob
by Nomeansno

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