Lyrics to From Chaos & Pain
by Non Serviam

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[edit]Song titleFrom Chaos & Pain
[edit]Artist nameNon Serviam
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From chaos and pain a strange man rises
From misery and torment his life is released
Nowhere to go, from chaos he came
Nowhere to live, where shall he dwell
Lost in this era of total destruction
You see what is done and you do what is done
So, he lives in self-destruction
Is it destiny, or random of fate

A world full of dreamers
Utopia is as wind in space
Your realm will not appear
And your master has abandoned you
You're all in Satan's spree
Brick in a game with a fatal end
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You're all going dawn

He travels closer to the apocalypse
Not more than a lifetime to go
In this wait of the extirpation
How do kill time?

We're all lost in the world of destruction

Ruins of souls together as one
Feasting, eating from inside
All hope's gone so why try?
We're all going down in this circus of hell
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Lyrics to From Chaos & Pain
by Non Serviam

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