Lyrics to I Could lie to you
by Norah Jones

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[edit]Song titleI Could lie to you
[edit]Artist nameNorah Jones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If I knew the truth then I could lie to you
If I knew just where and why I stood
If I knew how to betray you
Maybe I would

If I had a watch then I could take my time
If I had to love you I just might
If I knew the law I could commit a crime
But it wouldn't be right, no
it wouldn't be right

My red white blue princess
Who would guess
How she scares me so
I'll never know

If I knew how scared you were I
Find more similar lyrics on't have laughed
When you told me peace may never come
Why don't you finish your story
And I will just hum

If you let me go then I could reach for you
If you pulled away then I could fall
If I knew how to forget you
God help us all

My red white blue princess
Who would guess
How she scares me so

And if I knew the truth then
I could lie to you
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Lyrics to I Could lie to you
by Norah Jones

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