Lyrics to Wasted
by Norglen

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[edit]Song titleWasted
[edit]Artist nameNorglen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Long lonely life your living
Walking down the sidewalk wasted
Telling girls you love you hate them
Blocking off the door to your good friends
Why weren't you around for the fun times
Your outside telling me bad lines
Telling me your life is wasted
Telling me your stars have faded away

And you thought you had it all
Now there's nothing left to fight for
I'll let you know you had it wrong so wrong.
And if it's true than I'll stay
and I'll wait for your life to get on track.

Dropped you whole damn education
Got caught up with all the strange kids
Fell apart in all your weird ways
Tried to help but just couldn't be saved
Find more similar lyrics on me now you only blame
Falling down for you is daily
You care for know one else but yourself
Falling down the steps there's nothing left

And you thought you had it all
Now there is nothing left to fight for
I'll let you know you had it wrong so wrong.
And if it's true than I'll stay
and I'll wait for your life to get on track.

And I am always on the go and always last to know
What your thinkin about what your feeling now.
Tell me now your done with playing
Walk away from hurt your bearing
And find your way back you'll see
Runaway from those sick feeling
Help your eyes to still your healing
you'll make yourself laugh you'll see
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Lyrics to Wasted
by Norglen

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