Lyrics to A day to Depart
by Noumena

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[edit]Song titleA day to Depart
[edit]Artist nameNoumena
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This voice, it spake
Tempted me to keep awake
Thus I realized
When there is no truth,
there are no lies
You're here, so sincere
To fathom the deepest fear
Misguide, this life
Away from truth, away from its line

Hey, away
Today's less painful
than tomorrow here
Hey hey, this way
These words won't carry
out a promise here

This voice, now gone
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Now I do realize
There was no truth, there were no lies
This greed to breathe
The will I am longing to wreathe
No words, no lies
All foul will last, all beautiful dies

A dream, a nightmare
A spasm of fleeting joy
So sincere, enchanting
A spasm of tempting void

Awaken, words taken
All hollow, so shallow
These words have no meaning
These words carry out no truth here
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Lyrics to A day to Depart
by Noumena

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