Lyrics to All the Beauty Twice Again
by Novembers Doom

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[edit]Song titleAll the Beauty Twice Again
[edit]Artist nameNovembers Doom
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A moonlit breeze softly flows past the ancient
night. Always calling out to the saints who hear
nothing. Never to see the royality of age, and the
beauty of life. Fortune comes for all man, inside
a fragile wish. Forever sending guides of hope
unto this very flame. To burn away every dream.
Find more similar lyrics on the beauty, twice again. To whisper in the
wind. Follow me to the edge of the sun, where only
the coldest of hearts can survive. Laughing to
mock me, in sadness we dwell. Standing alone, all
time stands still, for you.
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Lyrics to All the Beauty Twice Again
by Novembers Doom

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