Lyrics to Sadness Rains
by Novembers Doom

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[edit]Song titleSadness Rains
[edit]Artist nameNovembers Doom
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mournful overcast, Sorrowful state Gray distant
sky, Pensive turmoil In heavy spirits, Wretched,
Forlorn Joyless and dismal, Stricken with grief
Lightning evades a world overhead Angels in tears,
Sadness rains Pouring tear drops, From heavens
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Blind to the fact, No shame in unleashed Buried in
agony, The storm prevails One with sadness, Joined
eternally Wallow in misery, 'till death do us part
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Lyrics to Sadness Rains
by Novembers Doom

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