Lyrics to Dopeman
by N.W.A.

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[edit]Song titleDopeman
[edit]Artist nameN.W.A.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It was once said by a man who couldn't quit
”Dopeman, please, can I have another hit?”
The Dopeman said, “Cluck, I don't give a shit
If your girl kneels down and sucks my dick!”

It all happened and the guy tried to choke her
Nigga living in cash, ain’t nothing but a smoker
That's the way it goes, that's the name of the game
Young brother getting over by slangin’ caine

Gold around his neck 14 K, has it
Bitches sucking on his dick, 24-7
Plus he's makin’ money keepin’ the base heads waiting
Rollin 6-4 with the fresh-ass daytons

Livin’ in Compton, California, CA
His Uzi up your ass if he don't get paid
Nigga begging for credit, he's knockin’ out teeth
Clockin’ much dollars on the 1st and 15th kay shizze is a real fuckin' G

Big lot of money, nothing less than a twenty
Yo, you want a five-oh, the Dopeman got plenty
To be a Dopeman, boy, you must qualify
Don't get high, off your own supply!

From a kid to a G, it's all about money
10-piece, 4-10, base pipe comes free
If people out there ain't hip to the fact
If you see somebody gettin’ money 4 crack
He's the

Dopeman! Dopeman!
”Hey man, gimme a hit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
”Hey, yo, fuck that shit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
”We just can't quit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
”Well suck this bitch!”

Wait a minute, wait a minute! Who the fuck are you talking to?
Do you know who the fuck I am? Man, I can't believe this shit
This bitch is tryin’ to gank me!
I'll slap you up side your head with 9 inches of limp dick!

You need a nigga with money, so you get a Dopeman
Juice that fool for as much as you can
She likes his car and he gets with her
Got a black-eye 'coz the Dopeman hit her

Let that slide and you pay it no mind
Find that he's slapping you, all the time!
But that's okay 'coz he's so rich
And you ain't nothin’ but a Dopeman's bitch

Do what he say and you keep your mouth shut
Poppin’ that trash might get you fucked up!
You'll sit and cry if the Dopeman strikes you
He don't give a fuck, he got 2 just like you

There's a another girl in the Dopeman's life
Not quite a bitch but far from a wife
She’s called ‘The Strawberry’ and everybody know
”Strawberry! Strawberry! Is the neighborhood hoe”

Do anything for a hit or two
Give the bitch a rock and she’ll fuck your whole damn crew
It might be your wife and it might make you sick
Come home and see her mouth on the Dopeman's dick

Find more similar lyrics on, just look you'll see her
But don't fuck around, she'll give you gonnorhea
If people out there ain't hip to the fact
Strawberry is a girl selling pussy for crack to the

Dopeman! Dopeman!
”Hey man, gimme a hit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
”Hey, yo, fuck that shit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
In your face
Yo Dre, kick in tha bass!

If ya smoke ‘Caine, you’re a stupid motherfucker
Known around the hood as the schoolyard clucka
Doin’ that crack with all the money ya got
On ya hands and knees, searching for a piece of rock

Jonzing for a hit, now ya lookin’ for more
Doug stole a Alpine outta Eazy’s 6-4
Ya need ya ass whooped 'coz it's outta this Earth
Can't get a 10-piece, need a dollar fifty’s worth

Knucklehead nigga, you turned into a crook
But swear up and down, boy, that you ain’t hooked
You beat ya friend up and you whooped his ass long
'Coz he hit the pipe till the rock was all gone!

You robbin’ and stealin', bugging and illin'
While the Dopeman's dealing
What is killin' your pain? Cocaine? This shit's insane
Yo, E, she's a berry, lets run a train!

Man, I wouldn’t touch that bitch!

Me neither, hoe go home and wash out ya beaver
And nigga’s are out there, messing up people's health
Yo, what the fuck you gotta say for yourself?

Well, I'm the Dopeman, yeah, boy wear corduroy
Money up to here but unemployed
You keep smoking that rock
And my pocket's getting bigger

Yo, got that 5-0, double-up nigga!

Yeah, high rollin’, big money, I'm foldin
Bitch on my tip, for the dick, I'm holdin'
Strong strawberry, jockin’ me so early
Hoe, ya wanna hit? Ya gotta get your knees dirty

Well that's my life, that's how it's cut
“Hey Dopeman!” Bitch shut the fuck up!
Gotta make a run, it's a big money deal
Gankers got the fake but you can get the real
From the

Dopeman! Dopeman!
Yeah, that’s me!
Dopeman! Dopeman!
Yo, can I get a G?
Dopeman! Dopeman!
Clock as much as he can
Fuck this shit, who am I?
The Dopeman!

Yo, Mr. Dopeman, you think your slick
Ya sold crack to my sister and now she’s sick
But if she happens to die because of your drug
I'm puttin’ in your culo, a .38 slug!
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Lyrics to Dopeman
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