Lyrics to Findum, Fuckum, And Flee
by N.W.A.

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[edit]Song titleFindum, Fuckum, And Flee
[edit]Artist nameN.W.A.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yeah, it's me again...
so check it out - ladies, not gentlemen
Drop your draws, come and sit
And let's get into this yeah ..

Easily I'm aproachin'
There ain't no jokin'
When the pussy holes are open
Ready to fuck until my dick is raw
Yo! the muthafuckin' devil's son-in-law
Peter, Peter, pussy eater
Now it's the E, the mothafuckin' pussy beater
And I'm a quick-up trick-up up a
quid to trick up the bitch
So come here bitch and lick up the
lick up the lick up the dick
Now how many nuts would it take for me,
To let that bitch graduate to lesson 3, let's see...

Splash Splash ..

Ah you can see I straight wax that ass
Back up bitch unless you want nut in your eye
I never never ever ever seen a bitch cry
Nut 1, nut 2 nut 4 5 6
I lost the 3rd nut in the mix - fuck it!

Hey yo yella boy, let's rewind it!

6 5 4 now 3 is up
Gimme that gimme that gimme that nut
You wanna feel the dick baby try your luck
Because the E likes to fuck fuck fuck yo
I get 'em stuck-on and get the fuck on
Give 'em a dick to roam and tell 'em
thanks for the pussy hole

I find 'em fuck 'em and flee you know
but before I d.o'
yo, I take a ho' to the hotel
to the motel
to the holiday inn
yo, if that bitch start fuckin' up what's you do?
I'll just fuck her friend ...

Ah Dr. Dre what up? , my mellow yo
it's on you, so whatcha gonna do?

Well, it's on and on and on and on
Find more similar lyrics on the beat don't stoppin' 'till the break o' dawn
Yo, every bitch I know they wanna get with me
The mothafuckin' notorious D-R-E
Spit game at a bitch while a nigga's around
And you know most ho's knows not to clown
'Cause if a bitch tries to diss me
what the fuck I lick her
I smack the bitch up and shoot
the nigga that's with her
That's the kind of nigga that you're listenin' to
Talk to you for a minute get my dick in you .. yo

I find 'em fuck 'em and flee you know
but before I d.o'
yo, I take a ho' to the hotel
to the motel
to the holiday inn say what??!
if that bitch start fuckin' up, yo
I'll just fuck her friend ...

Now M.C. REN what up my mellow a check
it out
it's on you so what
the fuck you're gonna do?

Now gather 'round yo
And check it out yo
And all the bitches come and suck up all my balls yo
And take a ticket to play with it like a slicky
So put your lips on my big chocolate twinkie
And you swallow all the nut
If you bitches are smart
To make my dick pop up like a pop-tart
But after I nut I might leave you
But first I must decieve you,
because bitch I don't need you
And don't say that you love me too
'Cause if I turn my back you
would fuck the whole crew
You're nothin' but a skank ho'
tryin' to take my bank ho'
So I have to let you know ..

At a hotel
And a motel
And a holiday inn say what??!
Because if that bitch starts
fuckin' up yo, I'll just fuck
her friend ..
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Lyrics to Findum, Fuckum, And Flee
by N.W.A.

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