Lyrics to What is it Worth
by Nylons

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[edit]Song titleWhat is it Worth
[edit]Artist nameNylons
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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These days are going by so fast
All war no love is driving me mad
All that's real seems to disappear
One minute gone one minute here
Compassion is what we all need
This flower garden gives me peace
Sincerity is what I plead
Just join hands
Jump and shout with me
Do do do-do do...
What is it worth
What is it worth
What is it worth without peace, love and

What we all see is a better world
Just throw your hands up
Testify it works
Just get in touch
It comes from the heart
Let's heal old wounds
Let's start to live in the light
That shines so bright
Forever, loving, brothers and sisters
It's alright - it's alright
Let's love the children
Teach them to understand
That they can make a difference
Find more similar lyrics on the bomb falls in their hands
Enough of this destruction
To the powers that may be
Come on let's fill our hearts
Come on release me
Let the spirit take you
It will change your way
Let's take it to the house
Where music, joy and love
Set us free

'Set us Free' today or the
next day, whenever
(Now) I'm thinkin' about
my children and the
man pushin the button, droppin the bomb
Makin' and breakin' and
shakin' a takin' a takin'
A nation in his arms
What is it worth life after
life day after day
Of subjective wrong and right
All the needs and the hopes and
the dreams since the
Dawn of the earth
But now, tell me, what is it
worth...without peace
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Lyrics to What is it Worth
by Nylons

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