Lyrics to Freckles
by Oak Ridge Boys & Duanne Allen

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[edit]Song titleFreckles
[edit]Artist nameOak Ridge Boys
[edit]FeaturingDuanne Allen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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They’d all called her Freckles when summer was coming around
All the kids that were running and laughing and some turned to brown.
And I'd find her crying and hurt by the words that they said
And follow her home just trying to be her friend.

And I'd say Freckles you're pretty,
there's a rainbow on your face.
Do you want to know a secret?
None of them could take your place
Cause your different and special
And she’d hold my hand and sigh
And say I always want to see me through your eyes.

But summers just turned into winters and then into years
And slowly the smile of a woman replaced all her tears,
And some how I knew in a while that my friend would be gone
As I watched a sad ugly duckling turn into a swan.

And I said Freckles you're special
Find more similar lyrics on she’d hold my hold and sigh
And say I always want to see me through your eyes.

But soon she was flying, dancing laughing and proud
And I took my place, a face alone in a crowd.
Knowing her lovers can't see past her smooth golden skin
And that's how I know that Freckles will come back again.

And I'll say Freckles I love you
there's a rainbow on your face.
Cause she’ll be smiling through her teardrops
As she runs to my embrace.
Freckles you're special
And she’ll take my hand and sigh
And say I only want to see me through your eyes.
And I'll say Freckles I love you
there's a rainbow on your face
Cause she’ll be smiling through …(.fading)
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Lyrics to Freckles
by Oak Ridge Boys & Duanne Allen

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