Lyrics to Is This Really Love?
by Oban Star Racers & Her Father & Jordan & Molly (Eva) & Team Mates

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[edit]Song titleIs This Really Love?
[edit]Artist nameOban Star Racers
[edit]FeaturingHer Father & Jordan & Molly (Eva) & Team Mates
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Is this really love?
I'm so confused!

Molly are you outside?

I'm out here thinking.
It's so silent I can't really be in love
I'm so confused what should I do?
Should I stay, should I go,
should I tell them the truth?
It's hard to concentrate when
you have so many things On your mind.

Should I tell my father who I really am?
Should I tell everyone?
Maybe I should tell my partner?
Should I tell any one?

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Jordan I'm not who you think I am.

What do you mean Molly?

My name is really Eva and I'm Don Wei's kid
He sent me to Stern boarding school
a very long time ago
Because my mother died in a race,
I mean an Oban race
she was the best there was.
She got in a crash because of spirit.

You mean your maya Wei's kid.

Yes I am
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Lyrics to Is This Really Love?
by Oban Star Racers & Her Father & Jordan & Molly (Eva) & Team Mates

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