Lyrics to Sneer
by Oblivion Dust

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[edit]Song titleSneer
[edit]Artist nameOblivion Dust
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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well I really was sinking /in desire / Feel at
ease now You need direction >> Try and pick
up the pieces >> oh how quickly we can fall
/but that's not the question so reassuring to know
there's another dimension >>i wish i was
clearer / I wish i was lost /i thought i was
nearer I guess that i'm not /Funny how we all seem
to get in-between her >> we all look down
Find more similar lyrics on Feeling higher/ A new religion now / Don't
look like your kind >>Try and pick up the
pieces/ oh how quickly we can fall /but that's not
the question/ So reassuring to know there's
another dimension >>i wish i was clearer / I
wish i was lost /i thought i was nearer I guess
that i'm not /Funny how we all seem to get
in-between her
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Lyrics to Sneer
by Oblivion Dust

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