Lyrics to Strychnine Tomorrow
by Oblivion Dust

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[edit]Song titleStrychnine Tomorrow
[edit]Artist nameOblivion Dust
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Waking up every day
So vague
Saw it on her empty face
So strange
Drown her if she can't be free
Her plea
Fallen heroes in your dreams
I see

What's there tomorrow?
Strychnine tomorrow
What's there tomorrow?

Wake up dying every day
So vague
Stick a needle in my brain
So strange
Never know if I have
seen it or not
I don't want to be
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What's there tomorrow?
Strychnine Tomorrow
What's there tomorrow?

Blue eyes broken
Blue eyes broken
Blue eyes broken
Your blue eyes are borken now

What's there tomorrow?
Strychnine tomorrow
What's there tomorrow?

Love ain't forever
What's there tomorrow?
What's there tomorrow?
You will be forever blind
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Lyrics to Strychnine Tomorrow
by Oblivion Dust

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