Lyrics to The Obsidian Eternity and Anguish
by Obsidian Gate

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[edit]Song titleThe Obsidian Eternity and Anguish
[edit]Artist nameObsidian Gate
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Listen to my lifeless choirs,
listen to my voice beyond...
Behold the scythe in my bleach hands
and know this: It is time to leave..."

In an imperium beyond ethereal skies
where no life dwells and all light dies,
I touch the darkness of cold demise
to become enshrouded with the night to rise...

I listen to the call of my own existence,
floating and writhing in the infernal void,
yet unborn, yet not even a thought,
already hiding the mask of a hallow grave.

There is no body, no flesh.
No shell to comprehend,
no shell to live again,
just a glimpse of a thought in your eyes.
There can be no compassion
when the black void you see is me.
There can be nothing holy
when I am the hatred in your eyes.

Name me equal to birth and death,
a spirit haunting the black night,
a spirit that is a myth in itself
and all demons that were and will be...

I am an enigma in every question,
all what flesh knows is useless to me,
being a question you will never answer:
What lies in the fires of hell?

In funereal vortex we unite
under a starlit obsidian sky.
Lay to me thy woeful blood
and all pain as sacrifice...

The force of my being is impervious
Find more similar lyrics on any weapon crafted by human hands,
I am everywhere and the night is my mother,
and I am the true face of evil.

I am anguish - Portal of all hate!
I am eternity - Wisdom through the flames!
I am anguish - Released in thy veins!
I am Satan - The darkness in thy grave!

I am a relic, created in a moment,
when stars collided with stars.
A million deaths' manifestation,
an aural shape that the night attracts.

I am like a beam from the moon,
that you sense but never see.
I am the smoke at your cremation
and the flames of your funeral pyre.
Your eyes are portals to me,
a sacrifice given by the demon-ones.
Helpless you remain, I enter and leave,
able to end your life any time.

O grim, fierce hatred,
raging through my existence.
My true vision of eternal darkness
I behold through your dormant eyes.

Repeat Chorus

The obsidian eternity and anguish
you will meet again in the midnight skies.
I will remain, never to perish,
the nightmare, the essence of your fears.

Unlight comes closer - Extinguish the candle.
Let thy blood flow into the night.
Paint in blood's red, the constellation.
Thy soul unites with the obsidian sky...
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Lyrics to The Obsidian Eternity and Anguish
by Obsidian Gate

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