Lyrics to The Dark Night of the Souls
by Obtained Enslavement

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[edit]Song titleThe Dark Night of the Souls
[edit]Artist nameObtained Enslavement
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Then came the dark night of the souls.
A mystery veiled in secrets.
Every strike of the moon was followed
By suffering in every sense of the word.
On the seventh month of the year
The sun turned away.
Then came forth
- a world forcing every man to run away from
All but honour.
A chapter of His memory was about to
Be written in blood.
Corrupted minds lead to moral abuse
- a people were lost.
Though there were stars all over,
None could be sighted.
It existed in the shadows.
It worked alone and through every being.
Death was no option
Find more similar lyrics on still many fell.
A rage grew within.
Riots swallowed every sense.
Women giving birth to the
spawn of their sons...
Men drowning in the blood of their fathers...
Children feeding upon children
with a blaze in their eyes.
Hearts transformed to salt,
burned its way through the
flesh and disappeared.
Being the company of beauty.
No one knew what was coming.
Revelations passed through the land,
But no man seeked the answers
Since all were dying to breath
The air of the soulblight
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Lyrics to The Dark Night of the Souls
by Obtained Enslavement

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