Lyrics to Utopia Obtained
by Obtained Enslavement

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[edit]Song titleUtopia Obtained
[edit]Artist nameObtained Enslavement
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I declare war
upon a heaven that was ours
This I swear - by the ancient gods
that the Millennium Beast devoured
I'll desecrate - you'll tremble at my feet
Step aside - as I place myself
upon his seat
When I lay my hands upon the ones
who guard his seat
Their souls will be consumed by fire,
by the time they reach my feet
I will claim - what is mine to take
my realm I shall obtain
Beyond the gates - of heaven hides a
god who dares not meet me
For centuries - he's been hiding in a
realm he calls his own
I will not stand down - any longer:
I will crush his fucking throne
Crushed and broken shalt they be whilst
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Alone and unprotected
I will drag him through the mud
Gather for the holocaust
of all mankind
The holy speak of second coming,
but paradise is mine
Cast out was I, but not destroyed
My spirit lives eternal
My soul yearns for a piece of heaven
that is can call mine
Those who dare to speak of God,
shalt swing from nearest tree
They shalt forever hold their tongue,
or I will rip it from their mouth
Their memories
will be forced forgotten,
never shalt their names be heard
J.C. the shepherd shall be served from
his fucking herd
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Lyrics to Utopia Obtained
by Obtained Enslavement

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