Lyrics to The Inheritors - so low B-Side
by Ocean Colour Scene

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[edit]Song titleThe Inheritors - so low B-Side
[edit]Artist nameOcean Colour Scene
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Brother don't lose that fire-stick no way
The night is coming thin
Might tire to light that stick
Brother don't lose that stick no way

Don't lose that heating fork no way
Dark (???)'s coming down
Need someone to eat off the ground
Need something to eat (???) today

Brother don't lose your bares no way
Don't know which side we're on
Blue then it's green then it's brown
Mine's hard and it's red and it's coming my way
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We all be together
And we all turn the same land
And if the man can't be the child
Then the devil will take the man

Get you behind me quick
Hey brother don't lose that stick
Need something to light my way today

Brother don't start no slowing down today
Come here with your big ideas
Shooting inbetween your ears
Come here with your big ideas today
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Lyrics to The Inheritors - so low B-Side
by Ocean Colour Scene

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