Lyrics to Signal Lost
by October Crisis

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[edit]Song titleSignal Lost
[edit]Artist nameOctober Crisis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In Retrospect, Who could have known?
What the Hell was running through your mind?
Was it Love or was it desperation?
Are you on Drugs again?
Are you listening to me?
Do I have your attention?
Did I mention, I'm happy?

- I will die a thousand times - don't hold back yourself -
He gave us all a gift and at that time it was bliss, what a
lie can't say that I'm surprised...
Getting let down has always been part of the
agenda, now class are you with me?
Now who can tell me why?

On the Train you ride - Takes you to your Destination
- If you die a thousand times - Will you live just once? -

I've been beating this dead horse for weeks now...
Find more similar lyrics on pondering and questioning my existence...
God bless you for finding comfort in the
suffering of others you truly are special.
Thank you for the memory!

On the Train you ride - Takes you to your Destination
- I will die a thousand times - don't hold back yourself -
- If you die a thousand times - Will you live just once? -
Smile. Point and Shoot All I ever wanted was a little satisfaction....
Smile. Point and Shoot
Everything I chase keeps running away, keeps
coming back to throw it in my face!
It's all I ever wanted....
I will not just lie here and accept... this
isn't my fate - this isn't my face
Smile. Point and Shoot
In the blink of and eye (it was over) In the Blink of an
Eye. It was over (in the blink of an eye...)
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Lyrics to Signal Lost
by October Crisis

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