Lyrics to Taxi Rides at 4 am
by Odd Project

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[edit]Song titleTaxi Rides at 4 am
[edit]Artist nameOdd Project
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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take this, BROKEN illusion. with it lets slit our
in the bleeding... this will all make
sense. the tears we cried now run dry. your
EXPECTATIONS were so high... and I'm afraid that
it's more than I can give. so HOLD ME close. so
I can feel your bones burn marks into my flesh.
YOUR eyes intoxicate ME. as my
lips.steal.your.last.breath. I'll TRY, tonight.
Find more similar lyrics on'll try TONIGHT. I'll try tonight... tonight I'll
give you ...all.I.have. so lie still. this hurts
ME more than it's hurting YOU. so close your
eyes... I'll never let YOU open them again. and
this rain of night, it will wash away this BLOOD
stained site. {loving YOU is my weakness. loving
YOU is my weakness. loving YOU is my weakness.}
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Lyrics to Taxi Rides at 4 am
by Odd Project

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