Lyrics to Denial, Revisited
by Offspring

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[edit]Song titleDenial, Revisited
[edit]Artist nameOffspring
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So here we go
Having the same old fighting again
Though there she goes
Same old game that never ends

If I could say over right words
I know I could make you stay
If I could say over right words
Things would work out all right

And if you go, I would believe
That it's forever
And you can go, I'll never leave
'Cause it's not over

Replay last night
Talking it out don't make it right
I know she's tried, my whole world
Is her and all we've got now

And if you go, I would believe
That it's forever
Find more similar lyrics on won't let go, even if she
Says that it's over

I know it'll be
Different this time
If you'd just stay

And when we wrote this story, how did it end?
It was you and me for all our lives
Come on, don't say it, we'll try again
And if I'd just hold you, we could last

But she stands softly, tears down her face
Hitting me, oh, God, this is the end
I'll wait here for you
But there's nothing more now I can do

How did you know?
How did you know?
How did you know?
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Lyrics to Denial, Revisited
by Offspring

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