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Dirty Magic by Offspring

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[edit]Song titleDirty Magic
[edit]Artist nameOffspring
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In my own simple way
I think she wants me only
She said," Come over right away."
But she's just not that way
Her little soul is tolen
See her put on her brand new face

Pull the shades
Razor blades
You're so tragic
I hate you so but love you more
I'm so elastic
The things you say
Find more similar lyrics on you play
Dirty magic

I should know better
than to think I'd
reach inside her
It's all acloudy kind of daze
She's not so sweet today
She mocks me, I'm no fighther
It all just seems
like such a waste
It's oversimplified

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Dirty Magic by Offspring

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