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[edit]Song titleDoms
[edit]FeaturingDomo Genesis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm a motherfucking asshole
It's natural to act bashful in the presence of niggas with cash flow
I spaz ho, laying somehwhere close to where the grass grows
Listening to jazz cause these niggas mad trash, yo
And that, kicking dust, my shit is ridiculous
Quickly put my dick in sluts who nose tend to be sticking up
Silly niggas, give it up, no person is sick enough
The doctor needs to fix me up, fix me up
Miss nurse in the red shirt, I'mma need some fucking head work
Talk you into anything, with talking, I'm an expert
Just talking to you niggas and it's sounding like my best work
Best work? For now, yes With every drop I'm better
Better than the rest, these niggas apply pressure
These niggas, every verse is lyrically def to these niggas
When that hearse drop, 6 feet death for you niggas
Many men opposing me, no success for you niggas
Find more similar lyrics on I'm still on my bullshit, loc'ing with a full clip
That's the iPhone full of verses that I could spit
Preaching to the real, why he standing at the pulpit
Throwing middle fingers at the haters like, "what's good, bitch?"
Nah, really, what's trilly hood, bitch?
Hair ?, nigga extra mayo
That's the Friggedaire billionaire Bruce Wayne flow
Show the fuck out, dunk on a nigga and just hang yo
I'mma boss, nigga, fuck what it cost, nigga
You wanna oppose me? Chalk up a loss, nigga
Get lost, nigga, out my vicinity
Cause I terminate your kind, lames is the enemy
And these haters won't get my energy
T the C, we did it, G
And I'm higher than an Asian score on SATs
And yeah whatever
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Lyrics to Doms
by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All & Domo Genesis

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