Lyrics to The Wait Is Over (Been Waiting All This Time)
by Oksana Angel

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[edit]Song titleThe Wait Is Over (Been Waiting All This Time)
[edit]Artist nameOksana Angel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've been waiting all this time…

Verse 1
I've been waiting all this time
To feel you breathe, to see your eyes
Days and nights, centuries!
And the wait if over – you're here now!

Do you think there's anything that's gonna stop me now?
Find more similar lyrics on are here, Angel, and you are mine/you give me love
Do you think there's anyone who’s gonna change my love?
When you are here, Angel, it feels like paradise…
We are in Heaven…

Verse 2
I will cherish all the times
When I see you smile; when I feel your touch
Days and nights, in my soul and in my heart
‘Cuz you are my Angel and you are here now!
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Lyrics to The Wait Is Over (Been Waiting All This Time)
by Oksana Angel

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