Lyrics to Mendes Prey
by Oliver Magnum

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[edit]Song titleMendes Prey
[edit]Artist nameOliver Magnum
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Daugherty, Humphrey, Kurtz, Mueller, Worthen

Caught in the spell of the looking glass
The hooded cloaksmen bring the ravens past
Summon thy lord disciples of Mendes
Save our lamb from the beast now living

A sacrificial feast you're the Mendes prey

Come forth to draw on the living host
The pyramid on a barren coast
Some secret lies at the heart of the stone
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A sacrificial feast you're the Mendes prey

At dawn they die when the lightning cracks
Their flesh it boils in the artifacts
All chanting cease when the sky burns red
The moutain peak explodes with fury
Clouds of doom shall reign upon the Mendes
World of death and sacrifice
One dagger through the heart of innocence
Convicts the power to die forever
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Lyrics to Mendes Prey
by Oliver Magnum

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