Lyrics to Coolin' Down
by Olivia Newton-John

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[edit]Song titleCoolin' Down
[edit]Artist nameOlivia Newton-John
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(John Farrar)

Take all the time that you
need to be certain
Say nothing till you can say what you mean
Don't stay with me just to
save me from hurtin'
I may be young but I'm not green
I'm in no hurry for the show
To hear what I already know

'Cause you've been coolin' down
Even a fool could see
Coolin' down
Driftin' away from me
Day by day love fades away
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Trapped in your dreams for too
long you've been yearnin'
To find yourself live a life of your own
The love has died and it won't be returnin'
I feel so helpless and alone
Now everything I try to do
Is right for me but wrong for you

'Cause you've been coolin' down
Even a fool could see
Coolin' down
Driftin' away from me
Day by day love fades away
Coolin' down, coolin' down
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Lyrics to Coolin' Down
by Olivia Newton-John

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