Lyrics to Die by the Blade
by Omen

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[edit]Song titleDie by the Blade
[edit]Artist nameOmen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All through the night steel by your side
Journey into the darkness beyond southern lights
A mission of vengeance and terror we are the reign
You live by the sword you'll die die by the blade

You stand in my way a fatal mistake
The path of destruction lies lies in your way
Nowhere to run the nightmare is real
There's no way escaping the wrath the wrath of my steel

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You live by the sword you'll die by the blade
Stand for the fight your life I will take
You'll die by the blade

On into the night steel by your side
Journey into the darkness beyond southern lights
A mission of vengeance and terror we are the reign
You live by the sword you'll die die by the blade

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Lyrics to Die by the Blade
by Omen

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