Lyrics to Where to now
by Once Blue

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[edit]Song titleWhere to now
[edit]Artist nameOnce Blue
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Join me on the sand and rest yourself
What's the rush to leav for someplace else?
Listen to the folding waves
Watch the planes go by
Nothing we say or do secures our place
A gust of wind a thousand miles away could
Change the course of everything
{Don't be gone too long without me in mind
Where to now? Where to now?
I'd really rather stay a while
If that's all right
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Meet me in the twilight,
where the road begins}
Disappear behind the grass and dunes
Or amble back beside me if you would
I'll be staring off the earth
At the blue blue sky
The sand cools, and I don't hear your steps
The tumbling water takes another breath
Meet me in the twilight
Where the road begins
{chorus} . . .
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Lyrics to Where to now
by Once Blue

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