Lyrics to No Romance
by One More Time

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[edit]Song titleNo Romance
[edit]Artist nameOne More Time
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Help me, help me, tell me what is wrong
Is this feeling common or am I the only one
Help me, help me, whenever I go out
To dance and to enjoy myself they think I need a guy
First this boy turned up, didn't say a word
He just sat and stared, oh did he get on my nerves
Then a fellow came, such a gorgeous guy
With an empty brain, so I told him with a smile
Nice to see you, take a hike
There is No Romance when you ask me for my number... a.s.o.
Just a one-night stand, I don't need it now
There is No Romance
Where's the gentleman I wonder
I just wanna dance, I intend to stay alone
Even when I'm walking home
When my, when my friends get up and dance
Find more similar lyrics on is when the drunk obnoxious guys take a chance
help me, help me, I'm looking for a guy
Who knows how to treat, how to treat me right
First this man turned up with a nasty smell
And the second guy, what he was I couldn't tell
Then a boy turned up with a dirty mind
And another one smelled of yesterday's wine
How I hate the smell of it
There is No Romance when you ask me for my number... a.s.o.
Rudolph Valentino and all those other stars
They're the kind of men that I can't resist
Tell me do those men really not exist
Help me, help me, tell me where's the passion
Oh, is it all old-fashioned
There is No Romance when you ask me for my number... a.s.o.
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Lyrics to No Romance
by One More Time

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