Lyrics to Underground
by Onesidezero

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[edit]Song titleUnderground
[edit]Artist nameOnesidezero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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See mother will hold the children from the all worlds' pain
Father still holds deep with eyes of hate
Folding our arms and the happiness
Falls apart for, all was unknown
Until' you create the game

So it's time
Clear our minds

Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes

Follow the gun quench the thirst for love that you had kept from
Only son that has held you up so high
Find more similar lyrics on like the world has been pushed away and back again
When, mother will you
Protect all of us, somehow?

So this time
Clear our minds

Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes

Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes
Shut your eyes
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Lyrics to Underground
by Onesidezero

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