Lyrics to Flame of the Antichrist
by Onslaught

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[edit]Song titleFlame of the Antichrist
[edit]Artist nameOnslaught
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Church of christ breeding hate the flame of hell shall rise
Satans force rains from the throne to slay the priest of lies
1,000 years was bound by chain Satanus seeks revenge
Burning flame the antichrist no mercy no repent
Lightning strikes the knell of death panic runs below
Holy priest he prays in vain the winds of death now blow
Flame of the antichrist
Satans troops they march from hell the ressurected dead
Church of christ lay under siege the flame of death burns red
Demons slay the king of kings destroy this holy shrine
Find more similar lyrics on to me the antichrist the house of god is mine
Cast upon the wings of death drowned in seas of blood
Damned the church to solitude holy ones are slain
Fallen from the lap of god satan claims revenge
Thunder flame the mighty force burn the cross
In sacred tongue they try to fight satan holds the force
Wind and flame exerting death destruction of the cross
Spirits scream with chants of doom lucifer has come
Distant hopes the heavens fall in hell thy will be done
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Lyrics to Flame of the Antichrist
by Onslaught

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