Lyrics to Credence
by Opeth

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[edit]Song titleCredence
[edit]Artist nameOpeth
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1:
deserted again
you speak to me
through the shadow
walking in closed rooms
using cold words
captured by the night
this journey escapes
from my embrace

Verse 2:
strange silhouettes
whisper your thoughts,
scream your sadness
and they all turn away
unable to face
more of this death

Find more similar lyrics on 3:
credence in my word
written in dust,
tainted by memories
I confess my hope
recognize my loneliness

Verse 4:
your laughter
weeps the truth
push me into a corner
confirming the epitaph
of my soul
and displaying
the once unknown...

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Lyrics to Credence
by Opeth

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