Lyrics to Ride the Wave
by Oppera

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[edit]Song titleRide the Wave
[edit]Artist nameOppera
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You run for cover
Stick your head
in the sand
You deny you're wrong
Say you don't understand
The ways and means
Don't mean a thing
with no green
And your, body of work
Ain't nobody to be seen
The only choice
to make is
Paper or plastic
So ya, do
And ya make it fantastic
You keep on fishin' for
A way to succeed
It's the, only way
For the big dogs to eat

Just ride the wave
Everybody rave
Don't be a slave
To the things you crave

Temptation make you
Want the things
you don't need
Buy them, boogie shoes
And spend to
Feed the greed
Find more similar lyrics on spin the wheel
And play the
numbers you feel
Bet them double zeroes
And you'll, be a hero

Just ride the wave
Everybody rave
Don't be a slave
To the things
that you crave


Just ride the wave
Everybody rave
Don't be a slave
To the things you crave
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Lyrics to Ride the Wave
by Oppera

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