Lyrics to Tenebrae
by Order From Chaos

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[edit]Song titleTenebrae
[edit]Artist nameOrder From Chaos
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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II) Oracle: Gnosis Spermatikos

Black chaos expanding
Ouroboros circles in pursuit of itself
Beneath entropic oceanic abyss
A paradox convulses the universe
Genesis- a gravid flourish of life
Protoplasmic sparks (kindle) and Infuriate Flame
Febrile brilliance fine points of light
Phosphorescence moves into Man

Unleash subjecting truths in sacred words
ignite the dominion of absurdity
Fire and sword imperium darkness pale
Irradiances flourish where compelled to shine
Deluge- Tenebrae sweeps in on mute limbs
Astride the Plateau glimpse the rising gloom
Acknowledge the nihilism (of ordered procession)
The drowning caress of black swirling waters

Sacrosanct (man as microcosm)
Four temperaments (fuse) -statuesque Entity
The fortitude of a pristine creature
Transcend tyranny- Quintessential Power
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The Scorpion beneath the upturned stone
The Snake invisible in the grass
With fangs He protrudes from a scornful smile
Watches your fortress wash away like dust

Horus ablaze against a setting of Fear
Kingly halo (four tiered earth) at his feet
Sapient Eye illuminates the fleeting staircase
Ascent of deliverance- Invincibility

I am He
(The Crowned and Conquering One)
Conqueror of Fear

He is the refuge towards which you crawl
Yet as poison Fear has tainted your wine
Let fly the arrow marking you for death
He laughs- He represents Foreverness

As an act of penance you mortify your flesh
Shivering for blood wept out as joy
Amassed Silence ruptures to devour
Tenebrae ushers in the sickened shroud...
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Lyrics to Tenebrae
by Order From Chaos

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