Lyrics to Insurrection
by Origin

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[edit]Song titleInsurrection
[edit]Artist nameOrigin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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lyrics: Lee, music: Turner

I'm imprisoned with the entire world, I'm insane
Enslaved to suffer your madness
Torn is my mind, destined to magnify all my hate
I am meant to rise above you
Fooled will be your entire purpose to stop me
I will defy all your kind
You have no idea what's aiming for your heart
I shall bathe in all your blood

I shall rise before you, look in your
eyes, tear off your limbs
Peel off the flesh that I loath
Rapturous are your screams, I gain pleasure,
Erase my pain through the spilling of your blood

I will not be stopped, nothing will quench my rage
for your horrid ways
To control all my thoughts, my very action
Dictated by your laws, enforced by your greed

Strengthened now to become my only purpose
To cut your throat and tear out your ruling voice
Your voice of resentment for all that we are
Soon our voices will ring loud through all the world
Resonate our hatred to deafen your rule
Senseless, in schock, you fall flat on your faces
Your carcases are swarmed, soon to disappear

We are rising to defy you, I'm amassing acrimony
Our fierce anger brings you danger

Unknown wrath brought to you
Schocked, in fear, your whole realm is reduced to ruins

I'm coming for you, you cannot hide
Find more similar lyrics on'm going to kill you and all that you are
Run away from me, I will catch you
Time is on my side, your time is up
Bold insurrection
Now we will choose what our lives will be
You'll never see...

Questioning my existence, I have feared for my life
Devastating were your answers, my fear turned to despair
Unrelenting deprivation, weakened to submission
No more reasons for survival, when
you're dead, you'll know I won!
I will kill you, rip out your tongue motherfucker!

I'm coming for you, no point to run
Face what you deserve, torture, torment
I show compassion through your murder
I save all the world now that you're dead
A new dawn will rise, free of sickness
Free of all your lies and suppression
Now that you're in my grasp
My hand around your unbroken neck, soon to be snapped

I cannot be stopped, I will not cease
until you're pulp at my feet
No resemblance of what your being once was
Crush all your bones, splinters fly forth in all ways
Your remains, a trophy to display for my,
scornful amusement
I pray that your kind will never appear here while I am alive
I'll see you're all destroyed, end your oppression
Atone in your ashes, scattered upon lands
Buried by your thoughtless hatred of our kind

No chance to regain your hopeless and dead world
Yuo cannot survive!!
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Lyrics to Insurrection
by Origin

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