Lyrics to Battle Ready
by Otep

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[edit]Song titleBattle Ready
[edit]Artist nameOtep
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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simple souls overload as i explode data banks
cuz the earth & space gave birth to this paleface
supreme -- linguistic -- mental machine
your brain cells swell - the intellects extreme
fire fills my veins as eye proclaim my resistance
to the mind-swapping parasites
that feed off my existence
as eye -- skin the burn to relearn the royal plan
somewhere out beyond the edges in
the depths of spirit land
its authentic, apocalyptic destroyer
damaging challengers -- resurrection, disorder
a monument of crisis - eye strikes this - your dead
line my nest with your soul -- cleansed in bloodshed
poets gonna take control
souls violate parole
violently invade your home
-- breaking the bones
commanding the mic -- striking up a verb-fest
mass destruction is my function -
time to put it to the test
in combat --- attacking since way back
in the days eye drew praise for the
way that eye slayed facts
formulating flows in revolutionary science
its the catastrophic prophet from
the anarchist alliance
freaking techniques -- this creature of speech
ewe feel the fury of devastation
cuz ewe ewe tasted defeat
eye'm alone on my throne in this universe of fear
royalty divides my soul -- in this role eye'm revered
Find more similar lyrics on the pinnacle -- lyrical master -- queen of disaster
eye ruin brain fluid -- the UNKNOWN IS WHUT EYE'M AFTER
shaking up the world -- just like
the 2nd coming of christ
-- when eye write -- thrice divine
with this goddess sight
wurdz will flow -- wounds will grow
ewe know -- bones will be exposed from
the force that eye unload
its THE SOUL EATER!! -- mic bleeder
with the voice of chaos
eye got the nectar of the gods
flowing from my mental pod
gather the flock -- alarm your block
tell them the shepherds have come
& got the keys to unlock
a holy war -- thru your veins it courses
more lyrical artillery than the armed forces
supernatural -- styles be volatile
its the mind manipulator -- the WAR CHILD
we came to defy - ewe living life as a lie
we embryonic satellites need our freedom to fly
TO WATCH EWE DIE! -- agonizing
cries are heard in stereo
eye'm visualizing battlefield scenarios
in the line of fire -- watching empires fall
into attack position -- ELIMINATE ALL!!!
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Lyrics to Battle Ready
by Otep

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