Lyrics to Ur A Wmn Now
by Otep

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[edit]Song titleUr A Wmn Now
[edit]Artist nameOtep
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Stars litter the sky
The moon is shining high
This soft September night
Two lovers creep out of sight

A maiden dressed in white with copper hair
Restless for adventure, she don't care
That the wolf is in the skies, she's been ensnared
He got the devil in his eyes and stylish flare

He shoves her to the ground
Her soul begins to drown
A sky full of eyes where the stars should be
A sky full of eyes watching silently

You're a woman now
You've become a woman now
The weight of the cradle has broken the bough
You've become a woman now

Mama woke me up at dawn
She helped me get my best dress on
She braided flowers in my hair
So sweet was the summer air

I'm to meet my groom down by the sea
A perfect stranger to correct me
The judges arrive in pairs of three
Don't be scared, just relax and breathe

Find more similar lyrics on'Cause good girls hold real still
Surrender your free will
They cracked the crown to pluck the pearl
Here on the jagged edge of the world

You're a woman now
You've become a woman now
The weight of the cradle has broken the bough
You've become a woman now

Standing on the welfare line
My daughter clinging to my side
I see the faith in her eyes
I whisper baby we will be just fine

I'll get a good job and find a new place
And work real hard and we'll make our escape
I promise you I'll get us through
Together we will bloom

You're a woman now
You've become a woman now
The weight of the cradle has broken the bough
You've become a woman now

You're a woman now
You've become a woman now
You're a woman now
You've become a woman now
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Lyrics to Ur A Wmn Now
by Otep

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