Lyrics to Beautiful
by Outcast Youth

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[edit]Song titleBeautiful
[edit]Artist nameOutcast Youth
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1

I'm not perfect but what is perfection?
A pristine golden brown complexion?
A set of shiny, bright, pearly whites?
Flawless skin? Hair with highlights?
May I propose that beauty goes beyond our clothes,
beyond our skin. True beauty can be found within,
Our hearts and our souls.
I close my eyes to the TV cuz media lies always leave me
feeling like I'm not good enough,
Cuz I'm not attractive and I'm not buff.
It's tough but I know it's my own insecurities that are
eating me up.
Heaven looked me in the eyes and told me: You're good enough.


Dont you change who you are.
I like you just as you are!
This worlds got nothing on you mate.
I want ya to know, You're Beautiful.

Verse 2
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Dont ever let them change you!
Their words hurt but they will never break you.
Trust in me cuz I've been through the same stuff!
I wont lie cuz I know it's tough.
I wonder why we dont all look
like Barbie and Ken with perfect skin?
PERHAPS.. we should think again!
Beauty cannot be defined!
(Except by media lies)
They tell you "You've gotta have the look"
Gotta have the X Factor?
Pfft! If I had it I'd give it away.
It's stupid... who are you to judge me?
My beauty is eternal though looks will fade.
This song goes out to the half naked people on myspace.
For you... For you I will never change!


Dont you change who you are.
I like you just as you are!
This worlds got nothing on you babe!
And I want ya to know... You're beautiful
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Lyrics to Beautiful
by Outcast Youth

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