Lyrics to Kill the Tv
by Outcast Youth

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[edit]Song titleKill the Tv
[edit]Artist nameOutcast Youth
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
Walking home from work feeling cold and rainswept,
Street lights reflect in the puddles on the pavement,
Cold and lonesome he holds his final pay cheque,
Tightly in his hand he plans his great escape trick,
He goes to Bargain Booze for a carlsberg 8-pack,
20 Dorchester Kings and a bottle of Vodka,
Goes to the chippy and gets a donner kebab,
Chilli sauce, no salad, just leave it like that,
Trudges through the darkness ponders why he got sacked,
Unlocks his door, and as it drips on the floor he takes off his mac,
Sit's back in his seat to relax and unload,
Cracks open a couple cans and looks for the remote,
Start's to flick it past the channels like Man City defenders,
Goes back to BBC1 to watch Eastenders,
Listening to Peggy Mitchell's got him feeling morose,
Floats over to ITV and almost chokes,
The host: Jeremy Kyle
Topic: Addiction.
Some guy lost his wife, watched too much television.
He laughs in his seat, transfixed to the screen,
His eyes roll back as his daughter screams!

Hit the switch, Kill the TV,
Slaves to advancing technology,
MK Ultra properganda,
Trevor McDonald is coming to get ya!

Verse 2
He wakes up the next morning hungover and loathsome,
Notices a note that his wife must have wrote him,
Wholesome values get thrown in the fire,
When your heart gets consumed by your wicked desire.
she's left him and ain't comin back again,
She took the kids, and the dog, and his bottle of Gin.
He doesn't seem fazed, His eyes glaze over,
Ultrasonic Blu-Ray waves soak the sofa,
Find more similar lyrics on his mind they sell sight to the blind,
With subconscious right wing conservative lies,
Historical ties, you'll be suprised when I tell ya,
As the Third reich fell in 1945,
The US recruited scientists to their side,
Of the brainwashing, properganda, nazi type.
My final thought, are your kids taught who to be,
By watching Disney channel progressing to MTV?

Hit the switch, Kill the TV,
Slaves to advancing technology,
MK Ultra properganda,
Trevor McDonald is comin to get ya!

Verse 3
Creeping round your house,
Sneaking up behind your couch,
Armed and ready we're about to break out,
Ready to pull the plug and cut the cord,
Transmission will cease when I implore...

We are Outcast Youth, we bring the change,
We smash through the shackles of the ball and chains,
We beg to differ and for the mill we don't run,
We're lying in wait for the coming of the sun,
Looking for change, We break dance for Acid Rain,
Gamma rays to outfaze the digital age,
don't be afraid when the colour fades out your picture,
Government drones with black shades come to get ya,
I see a world where depression no longer exists,
Where beauty is a label any size can fit.
Where my kids arent subjected to government lies,
Bombarded by shots subconsciously fired at their minds!
Recognise the demise, pull the cloth from your eyes,
Realise that your life's in a state of paralysis,
Got you anxious feeling like you can't handle it,
But you gotta be strong! Uprise and challenge it!
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Lyrics to Kill the Tv
by Outcast Youth

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