Lyrics to Bleed Into one
by Overcast

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[edit]Song titleBleed Into one
[edit]Artist nameOvercast
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Release with me all that is kept
locked inside as we become one
Lose all sight of this appathetic world
Brake the bindings that hold you down
Swallow the taste of resurrection
Bathe in it, true ecstasy
Let it all escape through every pore
Take the final step towards immortality

Descend with me
Set your soul aflame
Let go as we become one

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Bleed into one

I've waited so long for this comfort
You will never leave, this I swear
Nothing will come between us ever
Journey deep into my darkest stare
Let the cold metal explore
your flesh once again
Slicing through layer upon layer of tissue
Peel back the skin that embodies us all
Pain is only of the mind
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Lyrics to Bleed Into one
by Overcast

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