Lyrics to Stillbornagain
by Overlord

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[edit]Song titleStillbornagain
[edit]Artist nameOverlord
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I fell from the sky Mummified Calcified
Predeceased Three weeks at least
And raised as living anyway
Mirroring the imperial designs
Of that heroic age

They shook off the dust Assumed control Bit their lips
And took me home Called me their ownThey held me close
Offered their name And let me wait around
To hold their handsAnd watch them pass away

And every day I wake up dead Stillbornagain
Grave to cradle And here I am Stillbornagain

I looked through my schools For replacements
Made a pitch For applicantsMet with silence
Find more similar lyrics on held them close Offered my name
And made them wait around
I held their hands And watched them pass away

I checked all the texts For instructions
Plundered the tomes Of resurrection
It's tempting fiction Found guilty at birth
And sentenced to lifeWhile serving time
They chortle We're immortal 'Til the day they die

And every day I wake up dead Stillbornagain
Grave to cradle and here I am Stillbornagain

Every day I wake up dead Stillbornagain
St. Cuthbert Just wants To be friends
I'm stillbornagain
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Lyrics to Stillbornagain
by Overlord

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